Christian Concern and Dr Joe Boot  

We live in interesting times for Christian witness. Whereas a short while ago apathy or mockery was a common response to authentic Christian preaching and living, now there is increasing suspicion and even hostility in some quarters of society. With this change in temperature comes many opportunities, though the costs are always high.

I have been personally very thankful for the work of Christian Concern over the past ten years and was very pleased to be able to attend their birthday celebrations in London the other weekend. As well as their work in defending Christian freedoms, they have spoken gospel truth in places and into issues all too often abandoned by evangelical Christians. 

On top of this, they also have an eye on the longer and arguably more foundational task of re-building Christian cultural influence from the ground up. It’s in that context that I’ve come to know the ministry of Dr Joe Boot, who visited and preached for us this past Sunday. His work with Christian Concern on the Wilberforce Academy aims to equip Christians to think and act with full-blooded Christian faith in a variety of spheres and public callings. 

For an example of the theological clarity and cultural analysis Joe brings to this role and his work with Christian Concern, you might find this article a challenging and encouraging read.