The 10 Commandments


Last week we began a series in the 10 Commandments. We’re going to be looking at them in brief in every service, the children are going to be learning about them in their groups, and the adults will also be studying them in their mid-week small groups

It’s very important to see, right at the beginning, before he gave any commands or rules, God said this:

I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.
— Exodus 20v2

This tells us that the 10 commandments are

Not a ladder...

God did not give these commandments so his people could climb up to him. He’d already come down to them. He was already their God and they were already his people. What’s more, he had already rescued them, even though they didn’t deserve it

Not a chain…

Some people think these rules are God’s way of spoiling our fun by controlling our lives. As if trying to obey God’s commandments is like being chained up as a slave. But they are given by the God who had rescued his people ‘…out of the house of slavery.’ The bile tell us consistently, it’s when we don’t live by God’s ways that we end up as slaves, not to Pharaoh, but to sin. 

Train tracks 

Everyone knows it is good for a train to be on its tracks. And (to stretch things for a minute) if a train decides ‘these tracks are a bit of a pain, they stop me going where I want to go’ - we know that would not be a good idea. 

When a train is on the tracks, whizzing along, it is doing what it was made to do. It’s the same when we follow what God says about how we should live. He gives us his commands because they are like the train tracks for a train. We might think we are restricted by them, told not to do certain things, and so on. But the reality is that living life God’s way is the life we were made for.

(Look out for more blogposts on The 10 Commandments over the next few weeks...)