Northern Men's Convention

John Magowan, one of the members of Christ Church Walkley, tells us about the Northern Men's Convention he and some others attended in May...



Having stopped at Beeches to get Luke an all important pork pie for lunch, five guys from Christ Church Walkley made their way to Manchester on Saturday, 12th May to attend the Northern Men’s Convention. Since this was my first visit I didn’t quite know what to expect - but I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

We arrived as some 500 men descended on Trinity Church. There was an expectant buzz in the air as folk registered, had coffee, perused the extensive bookstall or viewed the many stalls manned by a wide variety of Christian organisations. 

The theme of the Convention was MEN STANDING ALONE - Holding to the Word of God in the worst of times and its centre-piece was three conference sessions led by Rupert Bentley-Taylor, an experienced Bible teacher, who had ministered for over thirty years in Bournemouth and Bath and now, in his retirement, is heavily involved in a new church in Bath. He was an excellent speaker.

Each session began with a time of worship. The praise was inspirational and the presence of the Holy Spirit was very evident  as Rupert Bentley-Taylor began each address. Having posed the question at the outset “How do godly men stand for God in godless days?” he proceeded to answer it by examining closely the lives of three men who did exactly that in their lifetime - Noah in the days of the flood in Genesis 6-9, Micaiah in the days of Ahab in 1 Kings 22 and Paul in the days of Nero in  2 Timothy 3:10-4:22. His exposition was excellent and the contemporary way in which he applied it was both relevant and challenging. All three talks are available online and are well worth a listen. 

With my friends, I left the Convention feeling challenged by God’s Word to serve Him better in the future, reassured that He has provided me with all the tools to do so and inspired that, in spite of the godlessness around us, there are still hundreds of men who have a similar goal.

Next year’s Convention is planned for 18th May 2019 with the speaker being Graham Daniels from Christians in Sport. 

I would urge all men in the congregation to put this date in their diary and plan to attend next year - wouldn’t it be great if so many wanted pork pies that we would have to place the order in advance!