What other God would you want?


We are made to worship, whether or not we’d always describe it like that. We worship other people, money, things, God, even hopes and dreams. We all have a god, or many gods, in our lives. It seems an unescapable part of our humanity – we were created to be those who worship. So, as we come to the first of the 10 commandments the question isn’t whether you will have a god but what kind of god you will have? 

And God spoke all these words, saying, “I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. “You shall have no other gods before me. 
— Exodus 20v1-3

  Exodus 20 very briefly describes to us the God of the bible. He’s the God of rescue, power, love and grace. He is the God who rescued his people out of slavery to one of the most powerful empires of the day and He did it out of a love for his people even though they had done nothing to deserve it. 

The rescue of God’s people from slavery in Egypt gives us a very visual picture of our rescue from slavery to sin. A rescue that flowed out of God’s great love for his world and was of pure grace, it cost him his only son and we’d done nothing to deserve it.

It shows us what kind of God it is who calls us to worship him alone and have no other gods alongside him. There will be many other gods that call us to follow after them, things we desire, that drive us, that captivate us. But none of them offer us the freedom, life and deep-seated joy that the God of the bible can give. Often other gods seem to offer so much, security, happiness, longevity, the easy life, but in the end they all fail. The God of the bible has shown that he’s a good God who has the power to deliver on His promises. 

It is a command that we should have no other gods, but it’s a command that’s for our good because it leads to freedom and life. What other god can offer that? What other god would you want?