This summer why not... read the bible with your children?

The education of children for God is the most important business done on earth...
— R L Dabney, 1982

This quote opens Jon Nielsen’s book ‘Bible reading with your kids’ and sets the pattern for what is to follow - a short, direct and punchy book aimed at helping parents (and fathers in particular) form solid convictions and good habits for family bible reading. 

It starts with the assumption that Christian parents will want their children to grow up to know and follow the Lord for themselves, and from the conviction that this is most likely to happen through ‘steady and consistent exposure to the powerful word of God.’

Part 1 of the book deals with why and how, both biblically and practically. Part 2 then gives more practical details for how Jon has gone about this vital task himself. The idea isn’t that we slavishly copy his model, however. For example, in our family we read smaller chunks of scripture than seems to be typical for the author. 

Whilst readers might want to adapt the specifics for our own situation and preference, the main benefit of the book is the central conviction that reading the bible is a vital task and that fathers in particular should be engaged in it (see Ephesians 6v4). The author is well aware that many of us will feel daunted and inadequate for this task, so gives plenty of encouragement to simply give it a go and improve with time and experience.

You can listen to bible teaching related to the whole area of parenting in our ‘The Family of God’ series (see especially the sermons on ‘Family Planning’ and ‘Family Lore’).