Summer Mission: Pursue Kenya


Imagine a county where almost half of the population is under 14 years of age and half the population live below the poverty line. Imagine if 1 in 5 of these children have no formal education and 80% have no secondary school education. This seems so far from what we can imagine here, but it is the reality for the people of Kakamega in Western Kenya.

This summer we (Vicky and Rachel) will have the privilege of visiting Kakamega in order to volunteer with Pursue, a charity that provides funding and support to facilitate projects in rural communities in Kakamega county. It is a Christian charity that seeks to live out God's call to love our brothers and sisters in need. We cannot wait to go and support this ministry and use the gifts that God has given us.

Our trip will involve running a range of education training sessions for teachers from rural schools across the region and physio training for staff from the local school for disabled children. We will also be doing home visits to help support the parents of disabled children and equipping schools with more teaching and learning resources. 

To help raise funds for the training courses and to purchase resources, we have planned two fundraising events that we would love you to come to. 

The first one is a Women's Clothes Swap on Saturday 15th June (flyer here). It is the perfect way to get a brand new wardrobe for the summer whilst raising money for a good cause.

Secondly, come and test your taste buds with a Wine and Cheese Tasting evening on Saturday 6th July (flyer here).  Recruit a table of 6-8 friends and enjoy an evening of drinking fine wine from around the world, listening to great music, and eating the best cheese that Beeches has to offer! Tickets are £20 each and need to be purchased before the event. 

All proceeds will go to funding the training courses we will deliver, providing food and transport for the Kenyan staff who attend, and buying resources and toys to take out with us.

Most importantly we would also really value your prayers as we prepare for the trip.