Street Mission in Scarborough


In the first week of August I went over to Scarborough to participate in the street work that Trinity Church were doing as their mission week. This church is part of AMiE and is lead by Lee McMunn and Rob Tearle. A married couple called Maxwell and Naomi kindly provided me with accommodation for the three days I was there. Days would typically begin with prayer at 9am and then we had some training from Lee and Rob and would hit the streets about 11am. The people taking part would try and engage people passing by in a friendly way, hand out leaflets about an evangelistic course they were running and a holiday club they were doing towards the end of the summer holidays. We would finish around 4.30pm and then would go and debrief and pray for people we had spoken to.

I was greatly encouraged from participating in this work. It was scary at first but once we all acknowledged this to each other and prayed, the LORD provided us with strength.  Firstly, what I read in God’s word I saw played out before my eyes. Many people either ignored us or politely said they were not interested. Occasionally there was an angry reply, but people did stop and ask questions and seriously engaged with the Gospel. Often these were the very people who you would not expect to be interested, people with drug and alcohol problems, teenage boys and girls and people on holiday from far away places. I can honestly say that I had more decent conversations about Jesus on the streets of Scarborough in three days than perhaps I have had in three years. That probably reflects some of my unfaithfulness in proclaiming the Gospel but the truth is that there are many spiritually hungry people out there the LORD is drawing to His Son. We think that two people probably came to faith on the streets and many others are now connected with Trinity Church and are investigating Jesus. Please pray for these people to trust Christ for certain.

Secondly, the fellowship I found with those on the mission was incredible. The Holy Spirit made us a team after just a day and I can honestly say that I had genuine affection for all the people I came into contact with. 

We need to do this in Sheffield. Watch this space…