Becca Oatridge

A Year at Oak Hill - Part One


We recently caught up with our mission partners Simon and Becca Oatridge to hear how they’ve found their first year at Oak Hill College. Here’s Becca’s perspective:

“It is hard to believe it has been a whole year since we left Sheffield! It has certainly flown by and looking back there is so much to be grateful for. We settled quickly into our new home, roles, church and life down south and though we miss friends and the beautiful Peak District, the transition has been a really positive one.

This time a year ago, I felt overwhelmed with all the changes that lay ahead, it was as if we had thrown everything up into the air and were waiting to see where it all landed. So many ‘knowns’ being swapped for ‘unknowns’. Then slowly as things became more familiar, I realised I felt guilty about my Christian faith; there was so much I could do and people I could invest in, or the many conversations I feel I should have- where do I begin? I would find myself suppressing the feeling that I wasn’t doing enough, not being a “proper Christian”.

Chatting to my sister about this in October, she reminded me of the wonderful simplicity of Jesus’ commandments: to love him and to love others. Somehow that seemed to make sense; rather than getting lost in the many things I wasn’t doing, I saw the simplicity of loving God. As I consider what it means to be loving him with “all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind”, I am trying to focus on the daily choices. To be faithful to him when others slander him, to try and pray for people when I say I will, to ask questions about faith to my friends when I can. Trying to not get distracted by how it will all end up, or what the future will look like I have been encouraged by some lyrics of an Audrey Assad song:

“Lead, kindly light, amid the grey and gloom,

The night is long and I am far from home

Here in the dark I do not ask to see

The path ahead, one step enough for me, 

Lead on, lead on, kindly light.”

God’s love for us enables us to love him and others in the small everyday things of life.

Yet how often I try to see the whole path ahead, at the expense of taking the steps marked out before me. I would love to learn to be faithful in the small things and trust him who directs my steps.

 We are at church this Sunday and hope to catch up with many of you there. "

Please do keep praying for Simon and Becca and look out for part two from Simon coming up on the blog soon.