Easter Books - a tradition and some recommendations


Annie Juckes, a member of Christ Church Walkley, tells us about an Easter family tradition and shares some book recommendations... 

As children, we grew up around lots of American missionaries and so our parents ended up adopting some of their traditions. One of those was Easter baskets (little baskets filled with Easter eggs and chocolate) but they always included an 'Easter book' or voucher for an Easter book. The books didn't have to relate specifically to Easter but were usually Christian books, either that we wanted or that they wanted us to read. Now married, I always buy my husband an 'Easter book' and he does the same for me. Below are some of the books I've enjoyed over the last year or so. I'm afraid because of the sorts of books I like to read, these are all aimed at women, but they contain wonderful truths applicable to men and women alike!

None Like Him by Jen Wilkin - a short and easy-to-read book exploring 10 ways God is different to us, and why that's a good thing. 

Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin - (can you tell I'm a bit of a Jen Wilkin super-fan?!) I could hark on about this book all day because it totally revolutionised the way I think about bible study and I believe it is well worth a read by both men and women (despite it's cheesy title). Prepare to be challenged and stretched and made to feel a little inadequate.

The Ministry of a Messy House by Amanda Robbie - I didn't want to read this which is why I knew I had to. Amanda uncovers how it's God's grace that matters, not our own flawless performance or impressive presentation and that if we are serving God and pleasing him, it's okay for it not to be perfect in our, or in the world's eyes. Hard lessons to learn for a perfectionist like me.

Women & God by Kathleen Nielson - to be honest, I have only just started this book (I'm on chapter 2!) but I have been recommended it by various women I trust and admire. It looks at the emotive subject of what the Bible really says about women, discussing whether the Bible is sexist and how to see what God says on the subject of men and women as not only true, but beautiful and enjoyable too. 

Some of these books, and several more can be found on our Online Bookstore.