Tumbling Sky

Alyssa Fanthome, a member of Christ Church Walkley tells us about the book she's been reading through Lent here - 

For the past few years I have read a book, together with some friends, in the run up to Christmas (Advent) and the run up to Easter (Lent).  This Lent we are reading Tumbling Sky together.  It’s a devotional book on the Psalms for “Weary Souls.”  We read the devotional each day and then send each other messages about what we have taken from the reading and our prayer for the day.  We chose The Tumbling Sky book as we thought it would be interesting to study the Psalms together and because it had short daily readings which we thought were manageable for us to look at each day.  

I have found it encouraging to do this every day in the run up to both Christmas and Easter, as I prepare my heart and mind for these extremely special events in our church calendar.  As we share what we have taken from the passage it is encouraging to know what others are learning and how they are growing through the Word they have read.

As we have read the book together we have all been struck by how the Psalmists cry out to God from the depths of despair.  We have been reminded that we do not need to be “sorted” to come before our Lord, He hears our prayers when we cry out to Him in pain and sorrow.  We have also been encouraged in how we walk alongside those who are struggling, that we spend time listening to them and praying for them rather than trying to “fix” them or telling them they need “more faith” or to just “cheer up.”  It is helpful to remember that when we are struggling or suffering we are no less a Christian, these words of turmoil are in the Bible, God knows that we will find life hard and he’s given us words to use to cry out to Him. But He has also given us hope that our suffering will end.

The book has reminded us of how Jesus is with us in our suffering, He is the suffering servant who knows what it is like to be physically cut off from God through his death on the cross.  We are not forsaken by God, although sometimes we may feel like we have been. We have access to the Father through His Son because of the wonder of Easter, Christ’s death and His resurrection.