Peter Juckes

You shall not steal


In 2015, the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit company was burgled. Six men abseiled down a lift shaft and using heavy drilling equipment, tunnelled through the 50cm thick vault wall. The burglary was the largest in British legal history, with over £200 million worth of valuables stolen. 

Interestingly, the verb ‘to steal’ means: i) to take something without permission and not return it, and ii) to claim someone else’s work or idea as your own.

Most people have not stolen £200 million but there will be times when all of us have taken something without permission and kept it or dishonestly claimed an idea or someone else’s work as our own.

God does not only say that stealing is a sin against him, here in the ten commandments, but it also demonstrates that we do not love our neighbour as ourselves.