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'These are the words'
(Pete Jackson, 25th May 2014)

'Go in and take possession'
(Pete Jackson, 1st June 2014)

'Into the Wilderness'
(Pete Jackson, 8th June 2014)

'Listen and Do'
(Pete Jackson, 15th June 2014)

'There is no other'
(Pete Jackson, 22nd June 2014)

'The Voice of the Living God'
(Pete Jackson, 13th July 2014)

'The LORD is One'
(Pete Jackson, 20th July 2014)

'Fear the LORD'
(Kenny Larsen, 27th July 2014)

'Holy to the LORD'
(Paul Jones, 3rd August 2014)

'Remember the LORD'
(Kenny Larsen, 10th August 2014)

'Not your Righteousness'
(Pete Jackson, 17th August 2014)

'The LORD Listened'
(Pete Jackson, 24th August 2014)

'God of gods and Lord of lords'
(Pete Jackson, 31st August 2014)

'A Blessing and a Curse'
(Pete Jackson, 7th September 2014)

True Worship (1)
(Pete Jackson, 17th May 2015)

True Worship (2)
(Pete Jackson, 24th May 2015)

You are what you eat
(Pete Jackson, 7th June 2015)

Community Festival
(Pete Jackson, 21st June 2015)

The Judge and God's Justice
(Pete Jackson, 5th July 2015)

The King and God's Law
(Pete Jackson, 12th July 2015)

The People and God's Representatives
(Mike Sinclair, 19th July 2015)

There will be Blood
(Pete Jackson, 25th July 2015)

Just War
(Pete Jackson, 2nd August 2015)

How Clean is Your House?
(Kenny Larsen, 16th August 2015)

Rough Justice
(Pete Jackson, 6th September 2015)

The Cure for Coveting 
(Pete Jackson, 13th September 2015)

'When you Cross Over'
(Pete Jackson, 10th April 2016)

(Pete Jackson, 17th April 2016)

Blessing or Curse?
(Pete Jackson, 24th April 2016)

(Pete Jackson, 1st May 2016)

'The Word is Near to You'
(Pete Jackson, 8th May 2016)

'Honey from the Rock'
(Pete Jackson, 5th June 2016)

'Their rock is not as our Rock'
(Pete Jackson, 12th June 2016)

'There is none like God'
(Pete Jackson, 19th June 2016)

After Moses
(Pete Jackson, 26th June 2016)