Justice for the Fatherless
(Pete Jackson, 5th November 2017

The Global Mandate
(Bishop Charlie Masters, Acts 1:1-11, 19th November 2017)

1 Corinthians 15v1-11
(Pete Jackson, 1st July 2018 - Sinclair Baptism)

Ephesians 2v14-21
(Paul Williams, 7th October 2018, Thanksgiving Celebration and CCW’s 6th Birthday)

The Reign of Christ - Mark 3v7-35
(Dr Joe Boot, 21st October 2018)

The Sanctity of Life - Psalm 8
(Pete Jackson, 28th October 2018)

Isaiah 49v1-7
(Bishop Andy Lines, 9th December 2018)

Hope for the future
(Kenny Larsen, 17th February 2019)

Jonah 4 - Splashtacular Sunday
(Pete Jackson, 14th April 2019)

God, Image and the Gospel
(Chris Houghton, 21st July 2019)